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Protocube – Ten years in 3D

January 13 2006 – January 13 2016: Protocube turns 10.

An important goal has been reached, step by step, with the same passion we had that very day, ten years ago.

Protocube’s growth is a result reached thanks to all the people who decided to believe in us, entrusting their dreams to us, their ideas, their projects. We took them, raised them and gave them a shape, in 3D.

Our clients’ energy and passion is a breath of life. There’s no greater satisfaction than seeing a dream become reality. This anniversary is not a finishing line of course, but a new start, towards other projects, new goals to be achieved successfully.

Ten years in the field of technology and innovation are a period of great changes. The innovation challenge never ends.

We started as pioneers in 3D printing. We are put today in a context in which this technology is widely spread, in a scenery where 3D is used in a vaster range of activities. Just think about the so called fourth industrial revolution. Words such as Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Big Data, connectivity and mass customization wheel around a paradigm which today might sound like science fiction, but we are sure that will be part of a well-established reality in ten years.

The challenge of innovation needs research and development projects, in which Protocube invests a huge part of its turnover. If one technology is yet to hit the market in the practice, it has with no doubt already passed through our laboratories. This is the case of virtual reality, augmented reality, drones and the most modern solutions and materials for 3D printing, multi-device application software and the most innovative product customizers.

To provide our clients with the most effective 3D technology in order to successfully face their challenges, a know how on every possible solution is needed, to select and combine the most suitable ones in each situation. A know how which is the result of ten years of experience in innovation.

For this reason, the new has come. A website that wants to re-edit its portfolio with a different interpretation during 2016. A successful case study is not a mere look towards the past, it becomes instead a constant reflection on how one multidisciplinary team’s potential is able to make unique projects real. Each one with its own nature and identity.

We expect you to come and visit us often. won’t be a static website. It will be an innovation hub, the expression on the web on everything happening in Protocube every day.

And in ten years…we’ll talk about it.