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3D scanning: Protocube Reply obtains the Creaform – Ametek certification

scanner 3d creaform cover

scansione 3D creaform cover

After a long research and testing process, Protocube Reply has decided to implement Creaform’s Go!Scan Spark 3D scanning system, distributed in Italy by Ametek, in its 3D asset management pipeline.

A team of six Protocube Reply technicians successfully attended the training course held by Ametek – necessary to obtain the official certification – which provides the skills for using Creaform systems in a professional environment. Companies can use the Go!Scan Spark handheld scanner combined with the VXModel software to easily acquire any object, directly from within their offices.

Protocube Reply has chosen Creaform’s technology because of its high precision and quality standards in colour 3D scanning, with the aim of improving end-to-end processes related to the creation and management of digital 3D assets.

Thanks to Creaform’s Go! Scan 3D scanning technology, it is possible to create very high-resolution models for a wide range of applications, including:

3D technologies can faithfully reproduce the features of a physical object, creating a perfect digital replica. Thanks to them, companies can create and manage their 3D assets end-to-end, fully supporting the development and marketing cycles of the products.

Go!Scan Spark allows you to scan a wide range of objects and products, with one of the fastest acquisition speeds on the market, while generating a very accurate 3D model (credit: Protocube Reply)

The management software shows the results of the 3D scan in real-time (credit: Protocube Reply)

The acquired 3D model is very accurate in terms of geometries and textures, serving as a great starting point for further defining the 3D asset (credit: Protocube Reply)

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