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campus party 2019 protocube reply

campus party 2019 protocube reply

Campus Party is the largest innovation and creativity festival in the world. 77 editions in 14 countries, over 3 million participants, hundreds of thousands of tents are the homes to innovators and tech-savvy all over the world: 4 days and 4 nights, 24 hours, multidisciplinary activities where young people, communities, universities, companies and institutions meet up to build the future together using technology as a tool to change the world, in a conscious and responsible way. Over 250 guest speakers, including Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the world wide web.

This year too, Protocube Reply will be the content partner of the event, with six contributions that will enable the highly-experienced campuseros to play, learn and have fun with the most innovative 3D technologies of the moment:

Thursday 25 July

Make it Possible. The hard life of the product designer, by Luca Folletto

Amazon Sumerian. Experiences in 3D, VR and AR, by Dario Civallero and Giovanni Villani

Friday 26 July

3D animation for stereoscopy and holograms, by Simone Giaretto

Saturday 27 July

Chatiness. The perfect Chatbot for your business, by Luca Martini

Destroy Campus Party, in VR. A 3D hardcore modelling story, by Valerio Fissolo

VR Developer. The creator of worlds in virtual and augmented reality, by Francesco La Trofa

While waiting for the 3D experience we specifically created for Campus Party 2019, let’s relive some 3D emotions of Protocube Reply from last year’s edition.

Campus Party 2019 takes place from 24 to 27 July, in Rho Fiera Milano. To register for Campus Party, please click here