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Dalsarto – Made to measure

dalsarto configuratore 3D abito uomo

dalsarto configuratore 3D abito uomo

Dalsarto – Made to measure


Client: Dalsarto


Digitise the heritage of three generations of bespoke tailoring.


A cloud-based 3D configurator for men's suits, with e-commerce integration.

The traditional artisan workshop explores new business solutions thanks to digital experiences.

In addition to having his suit manufactured in the exclusive Roman tailor’s shop, even the most demanding customer can now customise it online, configuring in 3D its every aspect thanks to the unique experience offered by the Dalsarto brand.

“In the increasingly homologated fashion industry, you still have the chance of treating yourself to a unique garment, perfect for your physicality, truly hand=crafted to measure. Our style, our experience, our way of working speak to those who love to stand out with class. In our atelier, in the heart of Rome, you will be welcomed by the masters of Made-in-Italy tailoring and you will enjoy the experience of a garment truly made around you”.

Dalsarto’s vision embodies the characteristics of uniqueness and personalisation of the experience of very demanding customers. These qualities are reflected in the product itself: a tailored men’s suit.

Dalsarto is the brand of the most exclusive Roman sartorial shop, located at the corner of Via dei Condotti, in the heart of the capital city. Customers are welcomed with a glass of whiskey or a cup of fine tea, to fully enjoy every moment that contributes to creating a unique dress, just like the character of the person who wears it. Nothing here is off-the-peg, each creation is the result of an innate artisan vocation.


Translating the values ​​of Dalsarto’s tradition into a digital experience requires many qualities and, above all, the extreme care in reproducing all the details of the suit, even those that in an online configuration process could seem secondary. The customer must be able to “have his say” on every detail, virtually communicating with the digital tailor who assists him. The 3DBox T-Made platform developed by Protocube Reply, allows Dalsarto to unfold a new business model, complementary to the traditional tailoring business: a type of e-commerce that guarantees the high quality of the experience and the product which has made the Roman brand renowned for three generations.

In 3Dbox T-Made each suit is represented by a full 3D model, a perfect digital replica which offers a wider range of creative options than those available when interacting with real samples: an added value in terms of customisation for the client.

The customer can choose with a click whether to order a jacket with one or two slits, with three or four buttons, pick the colour, customise the inner lining, buttonholes and all the other characteristics. As a result, millions of variables can be created and managed in real-time by 3Dbox T-Made’s cloud-based engine.

The capacity to handle a large number of variations allows Dalsarto to plan the expansion of its digital catalogue with peace of mind. Thanks to an entirely digital interface, it can offer in a very short time many more options than those that would be configurable by a traditional tailor in the day-to-day business.

Delsarto’s 3D configurator lets you customise every aspect of the jacket rendering the results in real-time (credit: Dalsarto)


The 3D catalogue of Dalsarto products involves the creation and constant updating of the fabric samples that customers can choose from when customising jackets, shirts, trousers and full suits. A process that translated into the digitisation of real samples at very high resolution, thanks to professional 3D scanning technologies, in order to ensure the highest level of visual realism currently achievable.

Having the fabrics available in digital format also gives the company considerable flexibility in storing and publishing the textures necessary to “clothe” the 3D models of the suits. Thanks to 3Dbox T-Made, this task can be carried out by any operator, without specific skills in 3D modelling and rendering.


Dalsarto’s 3D configurator gives the customer considerable freedom of action. Instead of structuring the purchase process with a purely linear approach, the application interface lets customers select and customise individual parts starting from a basic configuration. So it’s easier for customers to visually focus on all the details of the product, watching the results of their choices take shape in real-time. The possibility to choose preset views was implemented to deliver a highly-focused experience, without distracting the attention of the customer with an overly disperse navigation.

The user interface provides full control over all the variables customisable by the client, grouping the available choices in a single screen to make navigation during the purchasing process direct and intuitive (credit: Dalsarto)

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