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Miniature models of people, customisable in every detail, for any occasion.


3D-printed avatars in different sizes, starting from simple images and references provided by the customer.

L’ALTROME is a personalised miniature service, made in 3D printing starting from photographs and information of the subject. The project is made to measure, as in the case of a true tailoring work, with intermediate revisions and checks that involve the client in the creation of every detail of their avatar.

L’ALTROME is a digital craft project that, in addition to enhancing the caricatured features, allows the person to be projected into very specific realities, such as events, anniversaries or more intimate and subjective moments. Created in 2010, L’ALTROME does not have any intentional, technical or artistic connection with serialised services that invaded the market of character reproductions only a few years later.

From Protocube’s archives, an extract of the first flyer of the L’ALTROME project, which summarises the 4 steps that involve the customer and the realisation of the 3D-printed model (credit: Protocube Reply)

During his glorious journey, L’ALTROME did not spare anyone. The repertoire image (2010) portrays the young founders of Protocube Reply in the epic moment of delivering the 3D avatars to the hosts of “Deejay Chiama Italia” radio program (credit: Protocube Reply)


Long before turning into a commercial product, L’ALTROME arose from the pressing requests of some customers who knew us for other 3D printing works and ended up asking us: “Could you also make a 3D model of myself while I play tennis?” Or else, “Could you make me a model for my daughter’s degree?”. As answers to these bizarre questions, the first L’ALTROMEs were born along with the idea of ​​making the service public, thanks to the interest and collaboration of some distributors in the area.


After a few ad-hoc experiences derived from totally spontaneous requests of those looking for a 3D-printed model, personalised avatars have become the product offered by a real brand: L’ALTROME – 3D PRINT YOURSELF. Thanks to a distribution network (design and high-end accessories shops) that supported customers in the selection and configuration of avatars, in 2012 a catalogue was created with a set of pre-configurations that could fit most of the cases. In addition to the so-called presets, it was also possible to request a fully customised version, to provide a miniature in the most varied situations.

The cover of the first commercial catalogue of L’ALTROME, published in 2012 (credit: Protocube Reply)

The catalogue of L’ALTROME has been updated year after year, proposing new configurations and miniatures upon which it is possible to adapt the face of the customer. Available in both male and female versions (credit: Protocube Reply)

Drawing inspiration from your favourite champions, you can wear the t-shirt of your beloved team. A perfect gift or a pleasant moment of self-celebration (credit: Protocube Reply)

Hobbies and sports are very often the moments in which a subject best expresses their personality, where every single detail can immortalise a passion, an emotion, a moment (credit: Protocube Reply)


Despite the good sales of standard catalogue solutions, “fully customised” requests made the biggest share of the demand, in addition to being the main point of interest for our brand. L’ALTROME is a project completely driven by the desires of its users, who often face far higher costs that extreme personalisation entails: those looking for an L’ALTROME, really want their own L’ALTROME.

Supported by the technical maturity acquired in ten years of experience, L’ALTROME has ceased serial production to focus exclusively on tailored service. A return to the origins that contributed to enhancing the technological know-how acquired through hundreds of projects. From the artistic point of view, the sculptural soul of L’ALTROME still represents the digital expression of true craftsmanship, whilst from the production point of view, the miniatures have been progressively optimised in the realisation processes. L’ALTROME creatively takes advantage of the innovations that 3D printing brings in terms of finishes and materials, to continually dare to innovate and provide more exclusive solutions.

The gift idea for weddings has always been one of the most popular. Perfect for portraying friends in playful situations from which they certainly cannot escape (credit: Protocube Reply)

L’ALTROME allows you to immortalise events and anniversaries. Normally, the implementation process consists of a few initial renderings which allow the customer to fully appreciate the final result. From this stage, suggestions and directions guide us to full customisation of every single aspect of the miniature. The uniqueness of L’ALTROME is precisely expressed by the continuous dialogue between the artist and the subject, which develops into a relationship of sincere trust (credit: Protocube Reply)

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