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Poltrona Frau VR Exhibit @ Campus Party

La VR Experience di Poltrona Frau consente di configurare gli elementi per avere un feedback contestualizzato nell'ambiente virtuale. Questo consente all'utente di avere un'esperienza realistica, che lo agevola nella scelta della versione del prodotto (credits Protocube Reply)

Poltrona Frau VR Exhibit @ Campus Party


Client: Poltrona Frau Group


A VR Experience of Poltrona Frau products for the participants of Campus Party.


A VR Exhibit on HTC Vive with a real time 3D Configurator.

The VR Experience of Poltrona Frau at Campus Party allowed thousands of visitors to configure a living room with some products from the catalogue – the icons of Italian design that distinguish the brand and some furnishings from the most recent collections. An experience based on customisation to involve the public in an exclusive way thanks to the immersion in virtual reality.

The great energy conveyed by the themes of innovation and technology has been the lifeblood of Campus Party, one of the most incredible events seen in Italy in 2017. The ideal setting for the Poltrona Frau VR Exhibit, an experience born from an experimentation of the Brand in a context other than a design or decor event.

VR is a great opportunity for product communication. Few tools can generate a similar level of engagement and active involvement in the experience of the potential customer. The relationship between the product and the user becomes direct, total and absolutely realistic when it is projected in a virtually simulated space.

The aim of the VR Experience of Poltrona Frau at Campus Party was to offer the thousands of visitors of Campus Party the ability to configure a living area using products from the catalog, featuring iconic Italian design classics that distinguish the brand as well as items from the latest collections. The heart of the experience revolves around customization. Each user was able to translate their imagination into reality, totally configuring the space according to their preferences. It was also possible to start from complete configurations and simply customize details such as finishes.

A menu that is suspended in space allows you to select the types of objects to be inserted into the virtual environment with the same logic with which you select products from a catalog. (Credits Protocube Reply)


One of the unique features of the experience in virtual reality is the ability to act freely, literally doing whatever you want. Through the use of a wizard, even absolute VR beginners only take a few minutes to overcome the bewilderment generated by the viewer in order to totally immerse themselves in the virtual space and begin to have fun. The user interface and interactions with the VR controller of HTC Vive have been designed in such a way as to ensure a user experience that is as intuitive as possible. Like in a video game, you feel as if you are playing, performing in a completely natural way anything we could ever think of doing in real life.

The VR controller allows you to easily and intuitively execute all the necessary operations to accurately position the products within the 3D environments. (Credits Protocube Reply)


Virtual reality becomes a decisive tool in helping the potential customer configure their solution. The customization experience is facilitated by a VR Configurator that allows you to define every aspect of the product. The catalogs that we traditionally identify with heavy paper volumes that are anything but interactive, become solutions that are just a click away, with practical and absolutely intuitive menus. “On the job”, as the Americans would say.

Thanks to virtual reality the configuration becomes immersive. The user has the ability to see and evaluate in real time the effect of their choices and modifications as contextualized in a realistic situation. In any scenario, from a modern open space loft to the most refined classic environment. Imagination knows no limits; it becomes real.

At Campus Party, Poltrona Frau also supported Protocube Reply in the educational and informative context, collaborating in the creation of two workshops dedicated to the themes of virtual reality for marketing and product communication.

The VR Experience of Poltrona Frau allows you to configure elements to receive feedback that is contextualized in the virtual environment. This allows the user to have a realistic experience, which helps them in choosing the product type. (Credits Protocube Reply)

The virtual reality set-up created at Campus Party fully incorporated the Digital Experience logics of Poltrona Frau. The goal is to innovate the brand while remaining consistent with the character and image of a great tradition. A tangible result of this initiative is the new 3D Configurator of the official Web site of Poltrona Frau. A tool that was created specifically for the web experience. Based on a 3D catalog with thousands of solutions deriving from the combination of variants and of finishes from the Pelle Frau® catalog, the 3D Configurator stands out because of a user interface without distractions. A potential customer can focus on a product and interact with it using various operations that get them even more deeply involved.

  • choice of product and variants
  • choice of finishes available in the catalog
  • comparison between two different configurations
  • detail zoom

The same usability criteria were reinterpreted in the VR experience at Campus Party.

The 3D web Configurator of Poltrona Frau whose operational logics were applied in the VR experience at Campus Party. (Credits Protocube Reply)


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