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FIAT – Flex Decking


FIAT – Flex Decking

An innovative production line for the new 500L.

Client: CPM Spa


Show features and operation of the innovative production line for the Fiat 500L.


1:50 scale model of the entire plant, 3D printed in colors.

Produced in three units, the Flex Decking scale model is the synthesis of several communication needs that occurred in subsequent moments. A practical demonstration of the advantages offered by additive manufacturing and its ability to manufacture unique pieces without shape constraints. The basis is the 3D model of the entire plant, which can be expanded and modified over time according to different needs.

Flex Decking is a system designed and built for the car assembly, implemented for the first time by Fiat for the new 500L. The structure follows a modular logic, ensuring absolute flexibility and the ability to customize production processes and procedures.

The Flex system Decking, arranged on three functional levels, ensures optimization of space and resources never seen before.

The highly innovative features of Flex Decking resulted in the need to have a scale model, complete in every detail and responsive to the original, to support all stages of marketing and presentation of the product.

The final 1:50 scale model, complete in every detail of the Flex Decking production line.

CPM provided the 2D projects and 3D production models, from which began a detailed digital reconstruction process, with modeling logics useful to obtain a rapid-prototyping-ready 3D model.

The final model, scale 1:50, was produces with high detail full-color 3D printing techniques, to ensure CPM with the best result for its presentation needs.

The Flex Decking model during the final steps of its assembly.

Flex Decking model was produced in three copies, on the basis of needs occurring at later time points. A practical demonstration of the benefits of additive manufacturing: produce more pieces, even at a great distance of time, impact in a very marginal way on development costs, since preparatory works are not necessary to the production. Once defined, the model is sent directly to the 3D printer.

One of the Flex Decking plants realized in the Fiat production lines. After the initial implementation with the new 500L, Flex Decking was used even with other models, including the Jeep Renegade (credits CPM S.p.a).

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