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simpro 3d cover temp01

simpro 3d cover temp01

Hewlett-Packard selected our redesigned electrical connectors made for SIMPRO as one of the case studies presented at MECSPE 2019, the must-attend trade show for the manufacturing industry in Italy.

The case study presents the optimisation of an electrical connector used for automotive testing, conventionally made with CNC technology. The redesign resulted in a reduced number of components, a more ergonomic body and a drastically simpler lever system. By removing the conventional springs, we were able to exploit the intrinsic elastic properties of the material thanks to 3D printing.

In the production batches in which the experimental technology was applied, the collaboration between Protocube Reply and SIMPRO gave life to new electrical connectors which maintain the same performance as before while saving 90% in time and 30% in production costs. These numbers concretely show how a conscious implementation of the Additive Manufacturing criteria in business processes can significantly improve efficiency and the results in a production environment.

A scheme of the electrical connector produced with CNC technology (credit: Protocube Reply)

A scheme of the redesigned electrical connector produced with additive manufacturing, from design to production (credit: Protocube Reply)

The new connectors are made of certified PA-12 material with an HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 printer. In particular, this pair turned out to be a solid solution for at least three reasons:

The 3D printing for industrial environments offers advanced solutions which are far more sophisticated than those of a “domestic” 3D printer, which are more focussed on prototyping and personal fabrication. This is the case of the HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 3D printing station, increasingly popular in numerous industrial environments (credits: HP)

Per approfondimenti sulla riprogettazione e sull’ottimizzazione dei connettori elettrici SIMPRO

For more detailed information on the redesign and the optimisation of SIMPRO electrical connectors, click here

MECSPE 2019 takes place from 28 to 30 March at Fiere di Parma exhibition area. It is possible to apply for a free entrance at the following link, which also includes all the information to reach the event during the exhibition –