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eccellenze piemontesi cover protocube

eccellenze piemontesi cover protocube

Protocube Reply was nominated as one of the 29 Piemontese Excellences in the book that crowned one of the most original business surveys conducted in our region.

The cover of “Eccellenze Piemontesi”, presented in Turin on 11 March 2019 (credit: Turin Industrial Union)

The publication is the result of a work that lasted over ten years, conducted by the Turin Industrial Union in collaboration with the Faculty of Economics of the University of Turin (Management Department) and Deloitte. The aim of the research was to study the most successful business projects of our region and to present them to young entrepreneurs as concrete examples of excellent Italian entrepreneurship, thanks to the correct use of marketing, finance, technology and innovation in various aspects and applications.

In the wake of initial success, the Piemontese Excellence project stepped out of the University of Turin and progressively opened to embrace a much wider and heterogeneous audience. The book, published by Giappichelli, was curated by Giancarlo Bonzo, Nicola Miglietta, Beppe Pedone, Alessandro Puccioni and Roberto Schiesari, to extensively collect the testimony of some of the main protagonists of the first ten years of the initiative.

A snapshot of the presentation of the book “Eccellenze Piemontesi” (credit: Turin Industrial Union)

Piemontese Excellence through the testimony of some of the curators and protagonists of the entrepreneurial world of our region (credit: Turin Industrial Union)