XME dindi MF innovazione award 2019

XME Dindi won the MF Innovazione Award 2019

XME Dindi won the MF Innovazione Award 2019 746 420 Protocube Reply

This year started off on the right foot for XME Dindi, Intesa Sanpaolo’s digital piggy bank specifically designed for children. Milano Finanza has recently awarded the financial institution the prize for the MF Innovazione Award 2019.

The reasons expressed in the pages of the popular magazine read: “Thanks to its new product dedicated specifically to youngsters, Intesa Sanpaolo has started a strategic process to position itself as the go-to bank for children. The bank established a direct relationship with its youngest customers, supporting them in the crucial moments of their growth and strengthening the bond of trust with the family”. These are the reasons why XME Dindi won the Innovazione Award 2019 in the category “Digital Financial and Non-Financial Services”.

Thanks to its digital functions, XME Dindi connects the physical piggy bank to a current account (XME Conto Up!) through a specific app (XME Salvadanaio). The objective is to educate kids on savings by giving them rewards upon reaching a goal, i.e. saving a predetermined amount. All of the above, under the supervision of parents, who are constantly informed on their children’s operations through the app.

XME Dindi is an Intesa Sanpaolo project developed by Reply in collaboration with Quercetti. Read more on XME Dindi. The piggy bank of Intesa Sanpaolo

xme dindi mf innovazione award 2019

XME Dindi, the digital piggy bank by Intesa Sanpaolo, is currently available in four versions: Ladybird, Piglet, Koala, Panda (credit: Reply)

The MF Innovazione Award is an initiative MF (Milano Finanza) has been organising for 15 years, in collaboration with Accenture and Fondazione Italiana Accenture. The main evaluation criteria for the awarding are “Impact on the user experience” (40%), “Scalability of technological innovation” (40%) and “Convenience” (20%). Focused on products and services of the banking world, the MF Innovation Award intends to select the most important innovations of the year in the digital financial sector and in complementary services.

The results of the MF Innovazione Award 2019 were published in L’altante delle banche leader 2019 (The leading banks’ atlas).