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Bsamply Tradeshow: the first virtual textile exhibition

Bsamply Tradeshow: the first virtual textile exhibition 1024 471 Protocube Reply

“In a world that has just undergone a deep transformation, displaying products online is a real advantage for textile companies. Thanks to Bsamply Tradeshow Project, this will now be possible and the trade show experience will be guaranteed”, explains Andrea Fiume, founder of Bsamply, a startup based in Los Angeles that develops the homonymous B2B sales platform for the fashion and textile industry.

Bsamply Tradeshow Project stands as the first virtual textile trade fair. A new experiential format that was created to ensure business continuity between fashion brands and their suppliers in light of the restrictions due to the global Covid-19 emergency which has disrupted the usual system of relations and sales of the textile industry.

fiera tessile virtuale bsamply 3D experience

Bsamply Tradeshow Project offers a digital experience similar to that of traditional trade shows for the fashion and textile industry (credit: Protocube Protocube Reply)

The digital experience of Bsamply Tradeshow Project, accessible exclusively by registered users of the service via a desktop or mobile browser, is based on Protocube Reply’s Virtual Interactive Showroom and intends to recreate online a physical trade fair. Within the virtual space, suppliers display their products and solutions in stands similar to the real ones, which buyers can visit while enjoying several innovative online services.

In addition to the possibility of examining and interacting with products in 3D, customers can enjoy the support of a real sales assistant, connected remotely to offer additional information or guide them using the screen sharing and remote control features. Using the dedicated mobile application, customers can also view the products in augmented reality, as well as customise the experience thanks to wishlists, the planning function and other integrated tools which make the virtual textile fair as similar as possible to the physical event.

Bsamply Tradeshow Project, scheduled from 15 July to 15 September is a virtual textile trade show comprising 60 stands. It is the first collaboration between Bsamply and Protucube Reply, clearly aimed at creating a continuous digital dialogue between suppliers and customers of the textile industry: “After this first event – continues Andrea Fiume – we will continue to work on integration to make the experience of online product presentation available 365 days a year”.

A down-to-earth vision, which confirms Andrea Fiume’s entrepreneurial foresight. Independently from the contingency of the lockdown, Bsamply had already invested in digital technologies for the textile industry long before. In fact, they had understood the potential of a business field characterised by an overwhelming number of products to be created, stored and presented in a quick and realistic way, to satisfy the needs related to the creation of fashion collections.

The words of Andrea Fiume echo the stance of Daria Tirone, manager of Protocube Reply: “This collaboration stems from the shared view that the virtual fair can be a great business opportunity for the companies in the textile sector, thanks to the realism and interaction that 3D is now able to offer both to customers and suppliers. We contribute to Bsamply Tradeshow with the know-how acquired by Protocube Reply in the development and rendering of digital fabrics, with a highly innovative collaboration in the relations between the textile product and the players of the fashion industry”.

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At Bsamply’s virtual fair, suppliers are equipped with a stand equivalent to that of traditional fairs, with all the advantages offered by an additional layer of information that digital technologies can display when interacting with 3D products (credit: Protocube Reply)

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