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Blender Conference 2019

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The Blender Conference 2019 took place from 24 to 26 October in the new setting of the Compagnie Theatre in Amsterdam: an unmissable event for all fans of the most popular open-source 3D software in the world.

2019 has been a special year for Blender, a real turning point, thanks to numerous sponsorships received from big names such as NVIDIA, Epic Games, Ubisoft and even brands not directly related to the IT sector, such as the fashion giant Adidas. Its good reputation confirms the maturity of a software project in which Protocube Reply has always believed, reposing trust in the open-source project headed by the Blender Foundation. It’s a crucial moment for the small Dutch company that guides the development of Blender: they have to decide what to do when they grow up. Perhaps, they can take the leap and move from a “family-run” enterprise to a full-blown company. This was the main theme of Ton Roosendaal’s keynote, the historic chairman of the Blender Foundation, the leader of a community that now counts millions of users.

Protocube Reply was an active player at the Blender Conference 2019, thanks to the presence of the art director Valerio Fissolo, who stepped on the speakers’ stage for his eighth time in a row. In his speech Predictive Fabric Design, Valerio presented some research orientations in the fashion field, where Blender has taken on a central role in the production pipeline. This was made possible thanks to the extraordinary customisation possibilities it offers. The research results will be published soon.

Protocube Reply was once again among the official sponsors of the Blender Conference, proving its concrete commitment to sharing and spreading a software that has been a cornerstone of the company’s activity for many years.

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Intel was the main sponsor of the Blender Conference 2019 (credit: Blender Foundation)

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