Client: Oystersin


Visuals for the marketing and communication campaign of the new line of perfumes of the Xerjoff brand.


Photorealistic renderings, creative illustrations, video and projection mapping for catalogs, presentations and product launch events.

The virtual photo studio made it possible to create, in a short time and within the allocated budget, all the content of the Marketing and Corporate Communication campaign envisaged by Xerjoff. In particular, the digital “shots” facilitated the completion of three fundamental activities for the launch of the new collections: a new product catalogue; corporate communication and advertising; 3D presentations and events.

One of the great advantages offered by 3D technologies is the ability to use the Digital Models of products for a wide and varied series of operations ranging from design verification to the visualization of the final product, useful for all the operations of Digital Marketing of a company. There are no limits in terms of creative potential. In this context, the Virtual Photography Studio is perhaps the tool that makes the benefits of digital in product communication more tangible. In addition to the often very significant benefits that photorealistic rendering offers in economic terms compared to a traditional photography set, the digital creative solution also makes available images of a product when it is not yet physically available, solving the root of one of the historical problems related to the launch of a new collection.

The creation of visuals for the communication of the new Xerjoff perfume line is the result of a collaboration between Protocube Reply and Oystersin, the company of Sergio Momo that has been following the development of the brand since 2006 thanks to a solid expertise in the luxury sector. In addition to aspects specifically related to fragrances, the value chain developed by Oystersin starts from the study of every single detail of the perfume bottle design all the way to production. An incessant study of details is almost naturally reflected in the visualization of the final product, which becomes an expression of its intrinsic values.

Thanks to the flexibility of a true virtual photography studio it was possible to realize, in a short time and in full compliance with the budget, all the contents for the Marketing and Communication campaign envisaged by Xerjoff. In particular, the digital “shots” have made it possible to finalize three fundamental activities for the launch of the new collections.


The product catalog, in its continuous and incessant evolutions, continues to constitute one of the central factors for the communication of a Brand. In the case of a perfume, sensed by the olfactory component, the visual content creates a level of further involvement with the potential customer. A dialectic is born based on the image of the bottle, whose quality strongly expresses the characteristics of luxury that places Xerjoff in the high-end range of perfumery.

Virtual Photography is the result of three-dimensional modeling and rendering that can realistically simulate the final image of the product, made of meticulous details like the refraction of the liquid through the different transparencies of the bottle, rather than the correct evaluation of the chromatic component. Before being displayed on the pages of the catalog, the perfume takes shape through its “digital twin”, the digital counterpart that predates it creation.

The realism of virtual photography allows us to have the necessary tool to realize the dreams and creative intentions of the art director thanks to the correct implementation of the mood boards from which the final image of the catalog derives.

xerjoff 3d 2017

Xerjoff, 2017 product line catalog (credits Oystersin)


The creative component of communication must be associated with the digital realism of the product. This emerges significantly in the case of visual content that can support the marketing strategies for all the envisaged channels.

In the case of Xerjoff, the digitization took place with a strong continuity with the type of image used during the campaigns of the previous collections. Xerjoff’s wish was to guarantee to its target the recognition acquired by the Brand, emphasizing differences only as far as the renewed products were concerned. On the basis of the references agreed with the art director, the graphic department defined the illustrations using the same 3D models and the same finishes defined for the creation of the product catalog as the basis for their composition.

xerjoff 3d catalogo illustrazione

The detail of one of the 3D illustrations created for the launch of the new Xerjoff collections (credits Oystersin)


Capturing the customer’s attention is essential in the communication of a product. Used in an institutional and static way, rendering takes life and movement in order to amaze and excite thanks to the 3D animations and projection mapping solutions used for the exhibits at events. The 3D models have been animated both for descriptive purposes, through a series of 360° displays to show the perfume bottles from every angle, and with the emotional approach allowed by the creative clips.

Overall, the digital 3D production for the launch of the new Xerjoff line of fragrances involved 5 collections, 43 fragrances, 54 bottles, 11 cases and 6 boxes, for a total of 69 renderings, 6 illustrations and 6 animated clips.

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