Bsamply Tradeshow Project

Bsamply Tradeshow Project


Client: Bsamply


Recreating online the experience of the traditional textile trade show.


Virtual Interactive Showroom: a real-time 3D platform for desktop and mobile, with photorealistic rendering, augmented reality, video chat, remote assistance and remote control, appointments’ management and product wishlist.

Bsamply Tradeshow Project 3D virtual booth 01

Thanks to the Virtual Interactive Showroom platform, suppliers and customers of the Bsamply network have at their disposal a 3D showroom, designed specifically for their needs. Visitors can explore the virtual stands in real-time, for a digital experience based on the conventional trade show with the added value of a realistic and engaging product presentation.

Bsamply Tradeshow Project is the first virtual textile exhibition, created to offer an end-to-end online experience to a network of textile manufacturers (suppliers) and fashion industry brands (customers).


The scenario emerging from the Covid-19 emergency has disrupted the conventional B2C relation system of the fashion industry: from the presentation of collections to the management of sales channels. In the same way, the limitations to physical events have also affected the processes related to product development and all the typical B2B procedures, including the market for fabrics and raw materials necessary to manufacture new collections.

Bsamply Tradeshow Project does not stand as a simple online substitute for the physical fair but offers the members of its network an experience in continuity with the key objectives of its business: to make all the processes of the fashion industry more efficient through a solid path of digital transformation, aimed at reducing time, costs and environmental impact associated with product development and sale.

In Bsamply Tradeshow Project, the digital experience is not an alternative during an emergency phase, but a real added value, where the ability to manage product data becomes fundamental, regardless of the fact that the limitations and uncertainties caused by global lockdowns have somehow forced many business areas to make choices that break with established patterns.

Bsamply Tradeshow virtual booth 3D 001

Unlike the single-brand virtual showroom, the virtual booth allows for the simultaneous presence of multiple suppliers, facilitating customers in the selection process. The resulting experience is similar to that of the traditional exhibition (credit: Protocube Reply)


The objective of an online trade show is very simple, especially in a distinctly B2B context: offering an experience similar to that which suppliers and customers would have in a traditional fair, where customers are presented with a wide variety of solutions and can interact with them.

With the awareness that some aspects of the physical exhibition cannot be reproduced online, the digital experience of a virtual booth must be able to create that level of engagement necessary for users to consider their visit satisfactory. In particular, Bsamply’s Tradeshow user experience revolves around two fundamental features: realism and interaction.

Thanks to the native 3D technology offered by Protocube Reply’s Virtual Interactive Showroom, a digital trade show environment with 60 stands has been recreated, offering an exhibition of products with photorealistic quality that can be explored in real-time. Users can interact with the samples on display, appreciating their visual qualities and obtaining contextual information relating to their characteristics, with the possibility of storing their visit preferences in a convenient wishlist.

The augmented reality preview emphasises the user-product relation, available on browsers for mobile devices.

One of the qualities that makes the trade fair different from other presentation methods is the human connection between the supplier and the customer, a key feature for building that feeling of trust that is often decisive for conversions. In the Bsamply Tradeshow Project, the salespeople of the producers can assist virtual visitors in a natural and intuitive way through a series of dedicated tools such as the video chat or the browser’s remote control system.

Bsamply Tradeshow virtual booth 3D 002

The digital environment of the trade show allows for a modular exhibition and the possibility of integrating a huge amount of contextual information, overcoming the limitations of the physical context and making product browsing much faster and more practical (credit: Protocube Reply)


Bsamply Tradeshow Project is based on Protocube Reply’s Virtual Interactive Showroom. A 3D virtual environment accessible in real-time, fully customisable to support a wide variety of online scenarios: from the single-brand virtual shop to a real trade show, with the aim of involving all the stakeholders in the B2B and B2C contexts.

Virtual Interactive Showroom is a constantly growing platform, which currently supports the following features:

  • Photorealistic 3D environment, explorable in real-time;
  • Augmented reality for product previews on mobile devices;
  • Remote assistance with co-browsing and video chat;
  • Planner and appointments’ management;
  • Personalised wishlists;
  • Multi-device and multi-platform support;
  • Integration with the existing company systems (e.g. e-commerce, CMS, etc.)

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