Client: FerreroLegno


Visual content for product communication at trade shows and in the corporate magazine.


Definition of the mood and set rendering of some models of doors from the FerreroLegno catalog.

With FerreroLegno’s virtual photographic studio, customers can use computer graphics to perform all the tasks that would normally require the set-up of a physical scenography. The use of 3D rendering offers many tangible advantages that are becoming more and more necessary such as the reduction of times and costs for the creation of advertising campaigns and product catalogues and the launch of products that are not yet physically available.

FerreroLegno has been an outstanding brand for the production of interior doors and windows for over 60 years. The Piedmont-based company constantly renews its catalog to provide their customers with quality and exclusivity, with products that are open to a high level of customization. The research and realization of the digital product images is driven by a desire to transmit the values of FerreroLegno through an image that is consistent with the characteristics of its brand. The collaboration with Protocube Reply focused on two specific instances: the production of the renderings of the Logica, Liss and Delineo series for the MADE EXPO 2017, and the virtual settings for a series of FEEL doors. FerreroLegno Experience Magazine.

rendering porte ferrerolegno

Attention to every detail distinguishes FerreroLegno products through all phases of development. (Credits FerreroLegno)


Each door has its own character which can be enhanced by the settings in which it is contextualized. To imagine the most suitable door in the house of your dreams is a creative exercise that is very important in the customer experience. The simulation provides practical assistance in this phase, with realistic suggestions that can emphasize the quality of the product.

Photography has no secrets, it is rather a matter of culture. Everything resides in the ability and in the experience of being able to observe the space. The sensitivity and the technique of the (virtual) photographer allows for full control of the product communication through the composition of the image. The visual artist produces a result that seeks to find creative balance between technique and aesthetics.

The creative phase of image composition takes on a decisive role in order to correctly interpret the mood agreed upon with the artistic director.

For the modern lines of Delineo a contemporary environment typical of the home/studio of a young metropolitan professional was chosen. Logica is an door that is open to multiple solutions such as a holiday home in the French Riviera. For Liss a different environment was created, derived from a classic and traditional mood where the modern lines of the door find balance.

ferrerolegno 3d rendering 01

Delineo (credits Protocube Reply)

rendering porte ferrerolegno

Logica (credits Protocube Reply)

frendering porte ferrerolegno

Liss (credits Protocube Reply)


In the preparation of its corporate magazine, FerreroLegno chose a hybrid composition able to combine the visuals of photographs, renderings and technical illustrations. The creation of the digital images is part of a coordinated activity that conventionally takes the name of virtual photography studio. In practical terms, it is a question of executing all those operations that, in traditional processes, are the result of an actual staging through computer graphics. The use of 3D rendering offers a series of clear advantages which have become difficult to give up. The following is a quick summary of the range of nearly unlimited possibilities:

  • Reduction of production costs by eliminating or drastically reducing the use of traditional photography sets;
  • Reduction of the time necessary for the production of images;
  • The ability to communicate product concepts that are not yet physically available both in publications and at trade events;
  • Accurate simulations and decision making support with the possibility of providing many variations on the same theme;
  • The production of content that is useful and functional to the entire corporate digital marketing strategy.
rendering porte ferrerolegno

The creation of images is the result of a collaborative process between the digital artist and the art director of the company where all details relating to the communication of the product are defined. The virtual photography study allows one to simulate an incredible amount of possible scenarios, with constant feedback that can cut costs and production times. (Credits Protocube Reply)

rendering porte ferrerolegno 3d

The renderings generated for one context can be used in multiple situations, optimizing the communicative consistency and the cost/resources intended for the activities of digital marketing. (Credits FerreroLegno)


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