We Dance @ Lexus Design Amazing

We Dance @ Lexus Design Amazing

From an original idea of Fabio Novembre

Client: Bodino Engineering


Give life to Fabio Novembre's vision.


Consultancy and support to the creation using advanced 3D technologies and innovative manufacturing processes.

The engineering and production of We Dance are the results of a thorough multidisciplinary study, in which it is not a single technology that makes the difference but rather the ability to combine different experiences and solutions to solve problems. Thanks to this skill-based approach, seemingly impossible challenges can be overcome.

We Dance was produced by Fabio Novembre for Lexus Design Amazing, an event organized together with Milano Design Week 2014. An experience of a very high level, that got the architect from Milan involved as well as MIT Media Lab and Nao Tamura.

Everything can be said of Fabio Novembre, but that his ideas are trivial. An extremely kinetics vision which inevitably results in a high complexity in the implementation.

We Dance represents the dawn of life through several expressions, using pictures of sperms, birth of worlds and celestial bodies that revolve around a foetus.

we dance_01

We Dance is movement, light, effects, colours, with elements that express the provocative spirit typical of Fabio Novembre.

Based on prior successful experiences, in order to make We Dance, Fabio Novembre asked the help of Bodino Engineering. The project was characterized by high technical complexity and prohibitive delivery times, if faced with a procedure based on traditional methods.

It was necessary to optimize and implement methods and innovative solutions, in order to deliver We Dance without compromising the quality.

we dance_feto

The dancing heart of Fabio Novembre’s vision is identified with a foetus, at the centre of a structure that evokes a strobe disco ball.

Bodino Engineering and Protocube, using the most advanced technologies in terms of modelling and 3D printing, engineered We Dance allowing the production on time. This result was achieved thanks to the know-how and our continuous multidisciplinary research. It is never a single technology to make a difference in such a process, it is the ability to solve problems by combining different solutions.

we dance light

The sperms that orbit around the nucleus of We Dance were 3D printed, after a complex prototyping process.

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