App Perceval

App Perceval

The new frontier of medical edutainment

Client: Kaffeina Srl


Interactive presentation supporting doctors to find out features and functions of the medical products.


Multimedia application (3D Real-Time, video, interactive sequences) with institutional communication and serious games to facilitate learning.

The Perceval application is an interactive multimedia tool which uses documents, images, videos, static and dynamic graphics as well as serious games for the learning-by-doing training of medical students. Its edutainment function leverages the user’s interest in the topics covered and the hands-on approach.

Perceval is an aortic valve with highly innovative features. The goal of presenting to specialists functions and all aspects related to its use resulted in the development of complex application, capable of transmitting a variety of information with the operational logic of edutainment.

The Perceval application is an interactive multimedia tool, able to make documents, pictures, video, static and dynamic graphics available to users, in addition to serious games, that characterize the crucial moment of the experience. All aspects of the user experience have been implemented thanks to the constant creative exchange with the Kaffeina Agency, which coordinated all phases of the project.

The educational function combines education to entertainmentby exploiting the user’s interest in the topics covered. A goal that has its operational key in the audience involvement.

perceval screen01

The Perceval App supports an advanced 3D Real-Time technology, with some drag’n’drop functions which allow the user to interact with the 3D models of the interested components.

The Perceval app incorporates the essential operational concepts of the Internet of Things, thanks to connectivity, big data support and analytics tools which allow the company to collect in backend the fundamental information to understand user habits and how to improve the product.


The serious game suggest the surgeon some steps to follow, with the appropriate tools to use in every situation.  If the user misses the operation, the system invites him to try again, providing suggestions towards resources that can bridge the gap.

The organs of the cardiac system and the components of Perceval aortic valve have been 3D modelled starting from the technical specifications provided by the manufacturer. All the 3D models are animated and rendered in Real-Time 3D, directly inside the application.

The software has been developed through an ibrid technology, native and HTML5, to be used on mobile devices (iOS).


Renderings of 3D models. On the right, two significant steps of the animation which describes the operation of Perceval aortic valve.

A complex application such as Perceval integrates a number of features deeper than those that the common user can see and feel directly using the instrument.

This is the case of the interface, on which were conducted research aimed at minimizing the number of steps required to perform any operation. The interactive design is otherwise the base of the graphic design, which expresses the brand with an essential image, to identify at a glance all the parts with which you can interact.


Besides the parts specifically descriptive of Perceval aortic valve, the app provides videos, graphics and photos useful for learning. This is the case of the specific deepening on diseases and degeneration of the aortic valves, presented through interviews to specialist involved in the project.

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