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TentSet: the first 3D configurable tent, by Ferrino

TentSet: the first 3D configurable tent, by Ferrino 1024 672 Protocube Reply

By definition, the outdoor world resonates with the concepts of adventure, curiosity and a desire to live new experiences. The industry state-of-the-art expression comes from Ferrino, which has been innovating this sector relentlessly, since 1870. As in the case of TentSet, the first camping tent equipment configurable in 3D, recently launched on the market by the Turinese brand.

Not only is TentSet the result of a creative process, but also a ground-breaking innovation in the purchase experience of a camping tent, entirely customisable. Thanks to the 3D configurator developed by Protocube Reply, TentSet assists the customer in the creation and purchase of the tent through six steps, including the number of people the tent should accommodate and the graphic design of the outer shell.

TentSet tenda su misura Ferrino configuratore 3D

The landing page of TentSet on the official Ferrino website (credit: Ferrino)

The customisation process of the tent does not end with the purchase but rather represents the initial stage of a fruitful relationship, made to endure many years, facing extremely diverse situations in the field. As confirmed in the product announcement release by Ferrino, TentSet is a modular system which allows users “to design the tent that suits their needs: once you have created and purchased your first tent, you will be able to add or replace components and experience new adventures, without having to buy a new tent. A tribute to efficiency, which expresses one of Ferrino’s key values: delivering to its customers a product that will last over time. TentSet allows users to modify various elements to create many different tent combinations, reducing resource consumption and production waste, optimising usage of materials, in line with the company’s constant commitment to lower its environmental footprint. You can also add your logos and designs to make your tent truly unique!”.

Ferrino Tenset interfaccia configuratore 3D Protocube Reply

The interface of TentSet’s 3D configurator guides users through the six main steps of the creation process and provides useful technical details on the tent so the final user can check in real-time the temperature comfort zone and the wind resistance degree that specific set-up can withstand (credit: Ferrino)

For further information on TentSet by Ferrino and Protocube Reply’s 3D configurators, check out the links below.