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Lanieri: the new 3D popover placket is online

Lanieri: the new 3D popover placket is online 697 522 Protocube Reply

Lanieri has released the new variant of the popover placket, a shirt’s detail option implemented in the popular 3D e-commerce configurator of the Biella-based company.

Among the various buttoning styles, the popover placket is by far the most casual and sporty one of the 3D customisable options available in the catalogue. In fact, its front buttoning delivers a look similar to that of a polo shirt, while maintaining the typical fabric and design of a shirt: a casual style specifically conceived for leisure.

Lanieri cannoncino popover ecommerce 3D

Lanieri officially announced its new shirt popover placket, fully configurable in 3D (credit: Lanieri)

Lanieri continues to grow its business affirming itself as one of the most brilliant e-fashion companies internationally. Its business, hinged on the online-only shopping experience, boasts a solid e-commerce structure, assisted by fashion stylists from physical ateliers all over the world. These very hallmarks have made Lanieri a benchmark for omnichannel fashion strategies. At the core of the digital experience is a proprietary 3D configurator that handles the whole customisation process of all men’s suits that make up Lanieri’s collections.

Based on an exclusive version of the 3DBOX T-MADE vertical by Protocube Reply, Lanieri’s 3D Experience configurator can manage in real-time over 10 million possible combinations with a highly realistic rendering of every detail. This fact allows the company to automatically create its collections, by publishing a catalogue of the new digital fabrics. Also, customers can establish an authentic and direct digital relationship with the product to configure, facilitating the purchase process.

lanieri camicia 3D configuratore cannoncino popover

The interface of Lanieri’s 3D Experience configurator, with the new popover placket option for shirts. (credit: Lanieri)

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