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Protocube Reply and Ergotech have joined the Easy Covid 19 campaign, which consists in the creation of connection valves that make Decathlon snorkelling masks compatible with hospital respirators, to increase treatment capacity during the Coronavirus emergency.

Easy Covid 19 is a great solidarity initiative based on the idea of ​​Isinnova, which patented the project of 3D-printed connection valves and made it open source straight away. Starting from the basic 3D model, Protocube Reply has optimised its geometry (tolerances and density) to make the piece compatible with a greater variety of 3D printing technologies and reduce production times. Protocube Reply shared the 3D file of the optimised piece with Isinnova to be released to the large community of fab labs and companies that in these days are supporting health facilities around the world in the battle against Coronavirus.

Protocube Reply and Ergotech have produced a first batch that was sent to the Italian Civil Protection and several health facilities throughout the country:

  • Rivoli Hospital, dr. Grio;
  • EO European Institute of Oncology (Milan), dr. Garusi, Safaa;
  • Institute of Anaesthesia and Resuscitation of the Padua Hospital, prof. Navalesi;
  • AOU (University Hospital) of Sassari, dr. Terragni;
  • MultiMedica Group (IRCCS) of Sesto San Giovanni (Milan), dr. Curioni;
  • Crisis Unit of Piedmont Civil Protection, dr. Cibinel

The Protocube Reply team would like to send a sincere and heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all those who have supported us morally and physically during this health emergency, helping us to face it in the best way, processing all the deliveries as fast as we could.

maschera decatlhon stampa 3D protocube covid

The connection valve optimised by Protocube Reply starting from the basic open-source model from the Easy Covid 19 project (credit: Reply)


easy covid 19 stampa 3d protocube isinnova

The connection valves are offered in different types, so they can adapt to a wide range of respirators used in hospitals (credit: Isinnova)

For more information on the project, please see the official webpage of Easy Covid 19.