NETCOMM 2019 – 3D CONFIGURATORS FOR E-COMMERCE 930 698 Protocube Reply

Protocube Reply will be an integral part of Reply’s offer at Netcomm 2019, the Italian must-attend event for e-commerce and the retail world, which boasts today a turnout of several thousand visitors, coming from the entire digital supply chain.

Protocube Reply will propose a wide range of e-commerce solutions, offering visitors the chance to try them out at first hand and realise how simple and powerful it is to use 3D technologies to engage customers and sell products: 3D configuration platforms, 3D mobile applications in Augmented Reality, 3D configurators with a virtual assistant.

The 3D configuration platforms are the most complete and realistic tools to meet all the needs of online commerce and the retail experience: from engaging customers to supporting retailers with powerful Sales Tools. The cloud platforms on which they run host both 3D digital content that can be rendered in real-time with various applications and all the data from the interaction between the product and the user, providing companies with a vast statistical base that can be used to improve the buying experience.

3D configurators are effective tools for all mobile applications that use the technologies integrated into today’s smartphones (sensors and cameras) to virtually test a wide range of wearable products. This is the case of the Virtual Try-On technology based on Augmented Reality.

A brand new concept proposed by Reply at Netcomm 2019 is the combination of the potential offered by the 3D interaction with a virtual assistant, which powers the Virtual Personal Shopper & AR Experience. The conversational chatbot interface, combined with the realism of real-time 3D rendering, enable companies to offer a new concept of customer experience, which engages users much more directly, anticipating their desires, suggesting solutions more suited to their needs. The virtual shopper has been designed for Digital Fashion applications, but the same logic can easily adapt to other types of e-commerce.

The integration between a chatbot and a 3D configurator enables the development of highly-interactive applications that guide the customer through the purchase process. In the upper part of the screen, the user can display in real-time the result of the choices made with the help of a text assistant, rotating and zooming on the product freely. Thanks to augmented reality, it is possible to use a tablet or smartphone to view the product in the real environment around us (credit: Protocube Reply)

Netcomm 2019 will be held in Milan on 29 and 30 May, at the Mico (entrance from Gate 14, via Gattamelata 5)

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