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A&T 2019 – Automation and Testing

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Protocube Reply will participate in the 13th edition of A&T – Automation and Testing, taking place from 13 to 15 February at OVAL (in Lingotto district) in Turin.

Established in 2007 as an exhibition dedicated to Testing and Measurement, A&T has become the sector’s benchmark in Italy, helping to spread innovation and technology, specifically targeting the industrial and scientific public.
Following the new Industry 4.0 paradigm, A&T has renewed its brand identity by creating a logo that best combines the two souls of the exhibition, the world of robotics and the world of precision measurement: A&T – Automation & Testing showcases cutting-edge technologies in production automation and precise product testing, as highlighted in the 2018 recap video.


Protocube Reply will be present at A&T 2019 at Stand D21 together with Brick Reply, to demonstrate the potential of the most innovative 3D solutions in 3D configurators, 3D printing and Virtual Reality for Industry 4.0. In particular, two application cases will be set up.

1 – Industrial VR training application based on HTC Vive

The simulation safely removes all the limits that learning processes generally pose, especially in maintenance procedures, with lower costs compared to traditional procedures. Protocube Reply’s VR Training solution has long been used in Oil & Gas plants.


2 – Integration of additive technologies in manufacturing processes

Today, it is possible to integrate Additive technologies into manufacturing processes to innovate the product according to the brands’ needs and applications. A 3D printer alone is not enough, it takes skills, experience and opportunity analysis, combined with the ability to create the right application for each business.



Protocube Reply will hold a speech on New design approaches for additive design: an application case study.
Additive Production offers new levels of freedom in design. Overcoming the traditional formal limits, the properties of the materials can be fully exploited, expanding the variety and complexity of the geometries that can be created. What is actually needed to integrate this new production paradigm into manufacturing processes?
Protocube Reply will show how to re-design and make a series of totally parametric ELECTRIC CONNECTORS, offering companies a “Best Practice” to reduce time and costs of production and update. These results are possible today thanks to the extraordinary flexibility offered by additive technologies together with a renewed design approach.

The speech is scheduled for Wednesday, 13 February, from 3:20 pm to 3:35 pm, in the Competence Point Room # 1 – Design.

For more information and to register for free for the event, please see https://www.aetevent.com