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TUC Special Event – The future of mobility

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Finally, even a traditional sector like vehicle design begins to “reason” concretely in a 4.0 perspective, presenting solutions that go beyond the umpteenth formal vision of a concept car. We are not talking about a specific vehicle’s design. We are talking about an OEM technology that could integrate into the cars of the future as a real platform of services.

This is TUC Technology, the project developed by the Turinese designers Ludovico Campana and Sergio Pininfarina. The first prototype concretely expressing Tuc’s vision was presented at TUC Special Event, in the suggestive venue of Nuvola Lavazza.

TUC is based on the concept of product customisation but it goes far beyond its original idea. With an innovative, patented, plug and play system, TUC transforms a standard car into a service that meets the needs of all users. In addition to a customer-oriented logic, the approach to vehicle designing follows a fluid architecture, which allows new solutions such as the possibility to vary and expand your next car, without being bound to the configuration chosen at the time of purchase. This is a new conception of mobility with user experience at its core.

At TUC Special Event, Campana and Pininfarina gave a demonstration of such flexibility, thanks to the TUC prototype, developed in collaboration with technological partners such as Samsung, Sabelt, Adient and Lavazza. The innovative module that was presented allows users to make coffee inside the cabin, in complete safety. Thus, the mobility functions take on a human dimension, becoming a natural extension of the way of life.

“Plug” is the key feature of TUC’s technology; it allows a modular configuration of the vehicle platform and integrates power and network connectivity, making the system IoT ready. One of the most innovative aspects of TUC is the conception of a 360° security – for the user, the devices and the data – thanks to the asymmetric cryptographic solution on which the project’s cybersecurity is based. TUC Brain controls all aspects in real time; it is the real soul, heart and… brain of a technology that can be implemented by any vehicle manufacturer, not only in the automotive sector.

TUC Technology was created to support the whole experience with just a mobile device. The OEM model developed by Campana and Pininfarina can be also used in the naval and aeronautical sectors, to name just a few (credits: TUC Technology)

TUC has a cloud-based architecture, it is always connected to the network and the end user can control it through a simple app, developed in collaboration with Samsung. During the demonstration, the prototype of the app was shown to the public.

Protocube Reply created TUC VR Experience with the goal of enabling the audience to try TUC platform’s customisation experience. The framework allows users to configure their own vehicle and assemble it in a virtual store. Thanks to virtual reality, users can immerse themselves in an experiential space that transcends the physical connotation of the product, becoming functional to different business models (physical store, online store, collaborative platforms, etc.).

For more information on TUC Technology, please refer to the TUC Special Event official webpage.