fashion tech 2018

Fashion Tech 2018

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Protocube Reply, in collaboration with EFI Optitex and Centric Software, organizes Fashion Tech 2018, an event entirely dedicated to the digital supply chain in Fashion.

Fashion Tech 2018 will address in detail one of the most complex digital implementations in the industrial field, called to combine creativity, production and speed to provide its customers with an increasingly realistic and engaging Shopping Experience.

Through a series of successful case studies, Protocube Reply, EFI Optitex and Centric Software will present a new way of designing, managing and customizing clothing thanks to the most advanced technologies currently available in the Fashion Tech field.

Fashion Tech 2018 will be held at the evocative location of SIAM, on via Santa Marta 18 in Milan on Wednesday, March 21st at 3:00 pm.

fashion tech 2018

Fashion Tech 2018 is born from the collaboration of three companies that are strongly focused on the implementation of digital solutions to support the clothing industry: EFI Optitex, Protocube Reply and Centric Software.